About Us

Airspringsbook.com is one of the global manufacturer and supplier in independent renewal market of commercial air springs and auto spare parts. It is a solid corporation whose brands have been standing over 30 years with its features of sustainability, quality, service, reliability and innovative understanding. As a traditional family company which is not related to any consortium, it has been rendering a complete service to its customers with its over 20.000 pieces of spare parts and continuously growing availability in over 82 countries. Besides those, Airspringsbook.com has been maintaining its operations across 60 countries with its preferred partners and been keeping over 1 millions of parts available in its center in Turkey, İstanbul in order to transport them to domestic and abroad.

Our company Tekoto Automotive has been established in 2004.
Our target is wholesale of high-quality auto parts for export to all arround the world.
By providing all the requirements of the market we were able to create all conditions for successful and
efficient cooperation, experienced managers, logistics, online support service, fast delivery and full supportation for your companies.

SMARTTECH, BRENHEIN - our patented brand with certificates of ISO9001.
We have Mercedes, Volvo, DAF, RVI / Renault, Scania, MAN, Iveco - the most popular European brands in
the world market of commercial vehicles. As a leader in their countries of origin (MAN, Mercedes - German)
Constantly expanding its range, updating the number of models, improving the quality and packaging of products, we always strive to be among the preferred partner for you.
The world of auto parts is very wide and varied. Among all the parts are the following groups:

• Engine parts (piston, sleeve, ring)
• Air bags (for suspension for the cab, ply)
• Shock absorbers,
• Brakes: linings, discs, ratchet
• Complete clutch
• Pneumatics,
• Gaskets
• Optics
• Release bearings
• Flywheels
• Clutch covers & plates

All these groups are present in our range. Producers who are the best plants in Turkey under our
warranty label. Over the years, work on the market awaiting us great experience, using which we always look forward to working with you.